Born out of a need.

For Now began as a marketing and operations services businesses - an agency - specializing in retail and e-commerce consumer brands. We saw smart, growing companies that lacked the resources to execute their visions. And we still are that. But after seeing a lot of the brands we work with wrestle to get their product physically in front of their audience, we decided to help them by launching a retail incubator in Boston in one of the most highly coveted, newest and best shopping district in Boston.

Kaity Cimo and Katharine ReQua come from the exhilarating, scrappy, and boot strappy world of startups; where success and failure can be synonymous. With a combined 16 years of industry experience we come to the table with expertise and an open mind.

If you're a brand and would like to inquire about selling in our space, please see our brand inquiries page.


Your Partners, For Now


Kaity Cimo

Before starting For Now, Kaity was the Director of Marketing at Crane & Lion, a women's fitness apparel brand. Her overarching goal was to develop an authentic brand that connected with Crane & Lion’s active, yet style-minded, audience. Kaity was responsible for creating and implementing the marketing/advertising strategy, ecommerce development, brand messaging and copy and overseeing all PR, graphic design and photography. 

Prior to joining Crane & Lion, Kaity led the account management team of a high-growth, daily deal-oriented ecommerce platform at The Active Network ( Her tenacity is rooted in the  development and implementation of creative strategies to help businesses, and the people who operate them, succeed. Kaity spent the first five years of her career at Winsper, an advertising and marketing communications firm in Boston, where she became Client Advisor.

Katharine Requa

Before starting For Now, Katharine was the Director of Operations at Crane & Lion, a women's fitness apparel brand. She joined their team to provide a focused lens on operational optimization. She led the charge on scaling and supply chain efficiency; identifying solutions that aligned with Crane & Lion’s strategic growth. Katharine road mapped the retail operations, with an emphasis on people and process; implementing processes and procedures that help provide a consistent retail experience; one that effectively communicated the brand story.

Prior to Crane & Lion, Katharine co-founded a luxury ski apparel store in Stowe, VT; curating a retail experience that put customer engagement at the forefront of every transaction. At its core, Winterfell was a third space disguised as ski apparel store. Katharine is energized by early stage-growth and has helped position and scale a handful of local emerging brands. She recently completed her MBA with a concentration in analytics from Babson College, Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business.


Naming, For Now


Whether you run your own small business or are an integral part of a growing one, you know you have to be good with the "for now" or nothing would get done. Your ideas would still be just that - ideas. You can continually plan for the future and perfect your products, services, etc, but need to exist and execute for the today. Because - when are things not a work in progress?


The name For Now came to us in a shared dream in the middle of a stormy night. Shared dreams are not common, but they do happen when two people are on the same wavelength, set by mother earth, the moon and the tides. We both awoke, on opposite sides of the city, just as lightning struck. "For Now", we both scribbled in our bedside notebooks. The next day, when we told each other about our inspiring dreams....we couldn't believe it.

Oh yeah, because it DIDN'T HAPPEN.

For serious: For Now was a placeholder name because we needed to get a website live for a potential client who wasn't going to wait around while we trolled It was potentially our first client and we didn't want to miss the opportunity. So we cranked on the website, put it live, and were really happy with the outcome even though it was seemingly nameless. Pretty soon after that though, For Now started feeling For Real. We started attributing a meaning to the name. (see above)

Why are we being honest about this non-story? Because naming is hard, and even a non-story can be a story. Even for marketing people. Maybe even especially for marketing people. It's one of the hardest parts of getting a business going, but our word of advice? Maybe don't look so hard. You know that random file on your desktop or that bookmark folder on your browser where you've been saving business ideas? It's probably not called "business" or called "visceral" (one of our many thesaurus queries). What's it called? Stale Cake? Tiny Dancer? Maybe there's something there...