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Spruce up your Space: An Interior Design Event

** RSVP at our Facebook event page

Join us to shop emerging, innovative brands in the home decor, furniture and interior design space. Talk to people, try things out, and spruce up your space just in time for spring. Meet the founders in some cases and enjoy exclusive discounts.

PRILEY lane: Custom Furniture + Accessories
From Beacon Hill, this brand's goal is to offer to high-quality furniture in colors and textures other than the latest shade or grain of wood (they can get you that too though!) at an approachable price. Pieces that are well-made but playful, sophisticated but unique. Priley Lane just launched decorative trays and throw pillows, offered exclusively at For Now.

Auratek Textiles: A Revolution in Sleepcare Bedding
Using state of the art fibers and smart construction methods, Auratek created a fabric that provides the ultimate in comfort while leveraging your body’s natural chemistry to better care for your skin while you sleep. Auratek's bed sheets and pillowcases are engineered to minimize resistance and drag, minimize pulling and minimize stress to skin tissue. 

Nuvanna: 3-Layer System Mattresses
The Nuvanna Mattress is built for the active individual, to help rejuvenate and recover with a restful night sleep. Their unique 3 layer foam mattress design ensures you sleep cool, sleep supported, and avoid disruptive movements for an all around deeper sleep experience. The Nuvanna Mattress provides comfort for all weights, sizes, and sleep positions at an affordable price. $100 for For Now customers.

Burrow: The Luxury Couch for Real Life
Burrow is building, and delivering, clever, comfortable furniture for your life and living room with a smarter supply chain and sustainable materials. By delivering their couch directly to you, they're able to remove all retail markups and over 70% of standard shipping costs. That's over $600 in sofa savings for you. 5% off for For Now customers

FRSH Florals: Florist, Floral Design
Frsh Florals creates a frsh twist on classic floral design. Their mission is to bring pieces of design into your every day life through floral arrangements and botanical accents with the highest quality flowers & plants available. 

Hannah Cushman: Homepolish Interior Design Consultant
Homepolish was founded with a simple idea: interior design needed a redesign for the way we live now. Sign up for a complimentary, one-on-one consultation with Hannah. Then based on your needs and project scope, your designer will create a custom proposal outlining tasks, products to purchase, and a recommended design fee.

Libby Silvia: Art Rep
Representing a select group of artists from New England and around the country, Libby has spent 15 years working on residential and corporate projects to source and place beautiful artwork.