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Female Entrepreneurship: The Act of (Looking Like We're) Balancing it All

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Whether you have started a business, are thinking about it or just curious to learn more, join us at For Now in the Seaport for a night of networking with other entrepreneurial women.

Hear what challenges and successes our group of female entrepreneurs have faced on the topics below. If you have a topic that you'd like us to include ahead of time, feel free to let us know! We'll also have a Q+A afterward.

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Margaret Coblentz, founder of Frances Austen (San Francisco)
Christina Pardy, founder of Sh*t That I Knit (Boston)
Shannon Lohr, founder of Factory45 (Boston)
Kaity Cimo + Katharine Requa, co-founders of For Now (Boston)
Moderator: Holly Maloney, Managing Director of General Catalyst