a retail incubator in boston:
built with both the brand and
customer in mind.

Our retail incubator comes to life in the form of a pop-up collective where multiple brands come together to test retail in the Boston Seaport. We host around 15 brands for 2-3 months at a time.

For brands, the storefront is a much needed space in between e-commerce and traditional wholesale. It's a place where their product can be seen and felt and customer insight can be attained; a place where they can grow / thrive and engage with the community at large without needing to invest a lot of time, resources and capital. By sharing the economics, our brands are able to test retail without the high risk.

For consumers, it's a space that encourages experience. In a world of never ending convenience, constant clicks and quick decisions, we're saying it's ok to come in and poke. Take your time, touch, try on, talk. Bring friends, attend an event, learn something new.

Our partner list spans apparel, accessories, home decor and artisan treats. What's consistent are digitally-native brands who want to meet you with no screen in the middle. Brands may be with us for a long period of time or a short time. Check back with us often to see who is in residence.