Specializing in retail and ecomm consumer brands, we're an extension of your marketing and operations teams. We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing brands to problem-solve with impact while maintaining capital efficiency. Our services range from customer experience to marketing strategy, business analytics to brand partnerships, storytelling to retail operations -- a smorgasbord of the perspective and manpower you need to grow your brand.


off your plate
+ into an experience


Helping brands,
from start-ups to ever-growing, 
reach their full potential.


At our core, we’re a customer experience partner. We believe that a strong customer experience is the backbone to a successful business. What flavor Kool-Aid are you selling? Does your brand seem like it could be your best friend? Is your customer constantly delighted? [read more]

We can help you answer those questions but we also know that sometimes stuff just needs to get done. There isn’t always time to talk about Kool-Aid (even though it's the most flavorful part of your brand). This is when we come in to set-up platforms, create spreadsheets, write product copy. We'll bring the perspective and manpower you need to grow your brand.


Strategy to Spreadsheets


Chances are you have more on your plate than you know what do with. Let us bridge the gap between idea and execution. We’re thinkers AND doers: we won’t hand you a “plan” and say “good luck.” We will execute with you and problem solve every step of the way. No project is too big or too small, too lofty or too gritty. 



+ customer experience strategy
+ growth strategy
+ brand strategy, positioning + messaging
+ digital + social strategy
+ retail strategy
+ omni-channel strategy



+ copywriting
+ content creation
+ product storytelling
+ photo / video production + creative direction
+ packaging experience



+ website platform set-up + development
+ user experience
+ customer acquisition + retention
+ social strategy + implementation
+ email strategy (marketing + transactional)
+ facebook / instagram ad strategy and implementation
+ product merchandising
+ analytics (google analytics)
+ warehouse integration



+ retail planning / execution: pop-up + permanent
+ merchandising + buying
+ events
+ community engagement
+ culture coordination / management
+ site selection


Partnerships + Community Building 

 + influencer outreach and engagement
+ philanthropic program creation
+ ambassador program creation
+ partnerships with like-minded brands
+ event planning/execution
+ tradeshow presence


Platform Set-up, Integration

+ ecomm platform
+ social channels
+ email marketing
+ warehouse integration
+ Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, Mailchimp, Springboard, Square, Lightspeed. If we don’t know it, we’ll learn it.


Logistics +
Processes Efficiency

+ supply chain
+ logistics management
+ financial reporting
+ inventory analysis
+ liquidation


+ For Now'ers

We partner with other people who are the masters of their craft to bring you what you need:
+ designers
+ developers
+ photographers
+ videographers
+ specialty copywriters


For Now is our name for now. Unless we end up really liking it, then it will be our name For Ever.

*update: "for now" has been "a while", so we think it’s safe to say it's sticking. [read more about our name]


Get it off your plate.

If you’d like to chat with us about any of our services (remember no project is too big or too small), please reach out! Even if you don’t know what you need, we’re happy to talk about your business and figure out how we might be able to help. Fill out the form below - it goes right to our inbox.

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Creating an Experience

Only 26% of companies have a well-developed strategy in place for improving customer experience, presenting an obvious opportunity to leave 74% of your competition in the dust.

Every individual touchpoint of your brand comes together to create one experience - a personal story - for your customers. If this story resonates with your customers, it will be one they tell everyone about (a.k.a. acquisition) and want to relive over and over again (a.k.a. retention). We believe having a positive holistic customer experience will be the only way for brands to be as successful as they can be.

We’ll help you assess what your current customer experience is like from an outside perspective and determine where there is room for improvement. We’ll also look at the core of how your company operates: How are you structured? What is the culture like? What processes are in place? Sometimes even the smallest of changes can make a positive impact. The end goal is an experience that customers can’t resist; one that they're willing to spend their money on. Contact us.


Your Partners, For Now

Kaity Cimo and Katharine ReQua come from the exhilarating, scrappy, and boot strappy world of startups; where success and failure can be synonymous. We decided to start For Now because we saw smart, growing companies that lacked the resources to execute their visions. With a combined 16 years of industry experience we come to the table with expertise and an open mind.

Katharine ReQua

Before starting For Now, Katharine was the Director of Operations at Crane & Lion, a women's fitness apparel brand. She joined their team to provide a focused lens on operational optimization. She led the charge on scaling and supply chain efficiency; identifying solutions that align with Crane & Lion’s continued growth. Katharine road mapped the retail operations, with an emphasis on people and process; implementing processes and procedures that help provide a consistent retail experience; one that effectively communicates the brand story.

Prior to Crane & Lion, Katharine co-founded a luxury ski apparel store in Stowe, VT; curating a retail experience that put customer engagement at the forefront of every transaction. At its core, Winterfell was a third space disguised as ski apparel store. Katharine is energized by early stage-growth and has helped position and scale a handful of local emerging brands (Hey Parlor, Hey Alps & Meters). She will graduate this summer with an MBA from Babson College, Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business.

Kaity Cimo

Before starting For Now, Kaity was the Director of Marketing at Crane & Lion, a women's fitness apparel brand. Her overarching goal was to develop an authentic brand that connected with Crane & Lion’s active, yet style-minded, audience. Kaity was responsible for creating and implementing the marketing/advertising strategy, ecommerce development, brand messaging and copy and overseeing all PR, graphic design and photography.

Prior to joining Crane & Lion, Kaity led the account management team of a high-growth, daily deal-oriented ecommerce platform at The Active Network ( Her tenacity is rooted in the  development and implementation of creative strategies to help businesses, and the people who operate them, succeed. Kaity spent the first five years of her career at Winsper, an advertising and marketing communications firm in Boston, where she became Client Advisor.